20th Year Celebration & Reunion

We have assigned nearly 100 current club members to connect with alums. Thanks to everyone for participating. Enjoy the interviews!

Alum (HS grad yr), current club player
* = alums who also coached for Stanford club
+ = alums who were on the first Stanford JO team in 1995
* Kendall Preston (2009), Izzy M., 16’s
* Molly Hayes (2004), Maddie P., 16’s
* Hathaway Moore (2010), Scarlett G., JrPolo
Jenna Green (2003), Madison L., 14’s
Allison Larko (2012), Gabriella L., 12’s/14’s
* Caitlyn Jackson (2012), Isobel T., 14’s
Laurel Champion (2002), Kate M., 12’s/14’s
Kelly Eaton (2006), Meghan H., 16’s
Emily Fong (2013), Courtney T., 14’s
Rebecca Koshy (2013), Katharine H., 14’s
Toby Branz (2001), Anna E., 18’s
Cayley Bowles (2008), Kate A., 16’s
Aimee Corsiglia (2001), Catherine B., 18’s
Elise Ponce (2008), Claire B., 16’s
Katie Blunt (2013), Alexa G., 16’s
* Lindsey Bacolini (2002), Susan C., 18’s
Dana Saign (2004), Natalie W., 18’s
Remy Champion (2005), Allison S-W., 16’s
Caroline Faught (2001), Katie L., 16’s
Morgan McCracken (2014), Cooper M., 14’s
* Pippa Temple (2012), Addi D., 16’s
Clarice MacDonnell (2000), Ria S., 16’s
Grace Arnold (2012), Georgia L., 16’s
* Megan Burmeister (2007), Kristen D., 18’s
Amanda Tipton (2005), Bianca B., 18’s
* Cassie Wyckoff (2008), Emma A., 18’s
+ Fana Fuqua (1995), Terez T., 18’s
Malaika Drebin (2010), Caley M., 16’s
* Carla Tocchini (2013), Mala G., 16’s
Bridgette Harper (2013), Christina K., 14’s
Laura Espinosa (2012), Devon O., 14’s
Amy Gardner (2003), Malaika K., 18’s
Katherine Moore (2014), Carly F., 14’s
Jay Gardner (1999), Parker C., 16’s
* + Maureen Eger (1995), Jenna K., 16’s
* Amy Chinn (2013), Sophia H., 12’s/14’s
Emily Brown (2003), Maddie M., 18’s
Jessica Heilman (2014), Jacqueline B., 16’s
* Kim Krueger (2007), Emma M., 18’s
Evan Cranston (2011), Bella B., 14’s
Marissa Sendejas (2013), Maya S., 14’s
* Lauren Lesyna (2013), Jenna M., 18’s
* Kandis Canonica (2007), Kara J., 14’s (updated June 26)
Emma Feeney (2004), Amanda F., 14’s
+ Heather Crary (1995), Sam A., 18’s
Keri Clifford (2013), Alison B., 14’s
Pallavi Menon (2008), Claire P., 14’s
+ Suze Gardner (1996), Sarah D., 16’s
Julia Peters (2011), Calisa S., 14’s
* Jenny Booth (1999), Anna R., 16’s
Lizzie Rouleau (2006), Lauren D., 16’s
Lauren Wyckoff (2007), Clara R., 18’s
Michelle Scaduto (Bacolini) (1999), Sami S., 16’s
Cathy Cantoni (2013), Mitali R., Jr Polo
Allison Feeney (2008), Paedrin G., 12’s/14’s
Roxanne Pinto (2006), Berkeley C., 18’s
Vee Dunlevie (2009), Sarah P., 14’s
Nikki Perlman (2005), Alissa C., 18’s
* Elizabeth Anderson (2012), Chrissy S., 16’s
Erin Sheridan (2012), Shannon T., 18’s
Lizzie Abbott (2008), Mina S., 16’s
Kelsey Haley (2005), Katie F., 18’s
Julia Ponce (2014), Michelle F., 14’s