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2019 Junior Olympics, July 25-28

JO’s are a week away.  We are excited to be taking 7 teams and 90 athletes to compete this year.

Payment – Please use the PayPal link below to pay for your daughter’s JO fees.  This covers the cost of the entry fee, coaches’ expenses (hotel, air, car, gas, perdiem), and the JO gear the players will receive.   This is the required payment.  If you wish to give the coaches a bonus you have the option to add additional funds to your cart below.

JO payments
Athlete(s) Name


Coach Bonus
What JO Team ex: 12’s,16B etc

SCHEDULESUBJECT TO CHANGE.  always hit refresh when looking at the schedule during JOs.

2016 Junior Olympics – payment due Thur, July 21

Below is the payment info for JOs.  Deadline is Thur, July 21st.  Cost covers the JO entry fee, coaches expenses, and team apparel (shorts/shirt/hat to be distributed).
2016 JO teams

JO Fee
Athlete Name(s)


18 & 14 JO Quals teams announced

Below are the rosters for JO Quals for 14s & 18s.

As stated on the JO document and reiterated at the first meeting, the final JO rosters are not set.  Changes can be made based on our criteria you read when RSVP’ing and number of teams that qualify for JOs.  Athletes not on a JO team are still eligible for JOs and local tournaments.
(JO Quals tournament schedule is TBD.  When schedule is announced we will post here)

JO Quals rosters (14s & 18s)

Any questions should be addressed with your coach.

(10s & 12’s rosters and schedule will be announced next week for JO Quals June 24-26)

2015 Junior Olympics Info and Early-Bird Ticket Prices

The USA Water Polo home page for the 2015 Junior Olympics is here:

USA Water Polo Junior Olympics

From that page you’ll be able to find the schedule, results, and other information. The girls play in Session Two from July 30 to August 2.

Some important pages include:

Schedules – you can review the schedules online or download to view in Microsoft Excel (look for the Download icon in the lower right); note that schedules may change before the games begin so be sure to check again and/or buy a printed program at the tournament

Tickets – tickets can be bought online in advance; early-bird discount pricing ends July 15 ($5 off per ticket)

2015 JO Rosters & Hotel Information

The rosters for JO’s have been selected by the coaching staff based on the criteria set forth in the summer information document.  Great job to all of the athletes who competed – we’re looking forward to an exciting Junior Olympics with the 6 teams that qualified!

Please find the rosters here: 2015 JO Rosters

Hotel Information – we have rooms for Wednesday 7/29 – Saturday 8/2 nights (check out on Sunday, 8/3):

Embassy Suites, Irvine
2120 Main St.

Book via the website below or call 949-553-8332 and reference Stanford Water Polo Club/Girls JO’s.

The deadline for booking rooms is July 7th. Please make your reservation ASAP.

Embassy Suites Online Reservations Link

All JO information can be found on the JO website here.

Additional information, costs, team gear sizing and more to follow.


2015 Junior Olympic Quals Rosters

Below are the rosters for all JO Quals teams (listed alphabetically).
As we stated these may not be the final JO Rosters.  There are still spots available on many teams and those not making JO Quals rosters will be put on local tournament rosters if you can attend.

2015 JO Quals Rosters

Schedules will be posted as soon as finalized.

Junior Olympics 2015 – response deadline Wed, May 27th

Below is our summer policy for practice and competition as well as Junior Olympic information and availability links.

Junior Olympics Info & Contract

By completing the Junior Olympics Google Doc you understand and agree to abide by our policies regarding JO’s, JO Quals and team selections.

All club members please complete the appropriate link to let us know your JO availability.

1) High Schoolers CLICK HERE  (current 9th-12th graders 14/15 academic year)

2) Age Group CLICK HERE (8th grade/under)

Junior Olympics Info and Early-Bird Ticket Prices

The USA Water Polo home page for the 2014 Junior Olympics is here:

Junior Olympics Website ScreenshotFrom that page you’ll be able to find the schedule, results, and other information.

The Junior Olympics are split into two different sessions:

Session One (July 26-29)

  • 10&U Girls
  • 12&U Boys
  • 14&U Boys
  • 16&U Boys
  • 18&U Boys

Session Two (July 31 – Aug 3)

  • 10&U Mixed
  • 12&U Girls
  • 14&U Girls
  • 16&U Girls
  • 18&U Girls

Since we are hosting this year, we’ll need plenty of volunteers. The girls teams and parents will be volunteering during the boys’ tournament (session one) and vice versa. (Volunteers will not need to buy tickets for session one.)

Finally, you can order advanced tickets for the JOs at “early bird” prices through July 15th. Tickets can be purchased from this link: