2019 Junior Olympics, July 25-28

JO’s are a week away.  We are excited to be taking 7 teams and 90 athletes to compete this year.

Payment – Please use the PayPal link below to pay for your daughter’s JO fees.  This covers the cost of the entry fee, coaches’ expenses (hotel, air, car, gas, perdiem), and the JO gear the players will receive.   This is the required payment.  If you wish to give the coaches a bonus you have the option to add additional funds to your cart below.

JO payments
Athlete(s) Name


Coach Bonus
What JO Team ex: 12’s,16B etc

SCHEDULESUBJECT TO CHANGE.  always hit refresh when looking at the schedule during JOs.

2019 Summer Girls Session

We are excited to begin our 2019 summer session on Monday, May 20.

The information sheet and workout schedule are below.
Summer Information Sheet-2019
2019 Summer Workouts times

To register for summer polo use this link to register with TeamSnap.

New Age Group & High School players only must compete the google link (click here) to put in their order for workout water polo caps.  Payment will be on TeamSnap when you register. (Jr Polo you do not need to order caps – we have them for you).  Don’t forget to input your order in the google doc and  pay on TeamSnap.

The Team Shop (see on the top bar on this site) is open to purchase your team suit, swim caps for workout and under water polo caps, sweatshirts, jackets and more.  Shop will close May 9th for pre-orders.  The 2nd deadline is the end of the first week of workouts, May 24th.  Orders will be processed and mailed individually once the shop closes.
All players are REQUIRED to wear the Zumo team suit at all competitions.  For olders you may want to have a spare team suit available.

For Junior Olympics there will be a separate post soon re: eligibility, expectations, and required deposit.

Week #1 Workout Schedule CHANGES

Stanford University is the host of the men’s NCAA Water Polo Championships next week – Stanford is the #1 seed.  Because teams will be coming in to train with play-in games Thursday,  semis on Saturday & finals on Sunday, we have had to make changes to the workout schedule for week #1 only.  This impacts the times for Age Group and days for High School.

Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 9.23.34 PM


We are lucky to train in the most amazing aquatic center in the country so making this adjustment is needed.  We hope you’ll come cheer on the Cardinal Dec 1 & 2.  NCAA ticket information can be found here.

Winter is coming. Info available in November.

The winter season will begin the week of November 26. Registration info will be posted on the website in early November.

For players interested in joining the club for the first time:
• There are no tryouts – we are an open club.
• Registration is first-come-first-served. Keep an eye on the website – the home page has a box to sign up for email alerts.
• The following is a link to last year’s winter program info (2017-18) so that new players can see the basic details of the winter season. Age Group and High School will practice on the same nights as last year. Other details will be similar, but not guaranteed to be exactly the same. This link is not for registering for this winter (2018-19).

2017-18 Winter Registration