Maureen Eger

In 2014 and 2015, Mo played for Polisen Vatten Polo in Stockholm, Sweden, placing third in the National Elite Series both years.

What were your high school and college grad years?
I graduated from Menlo High School in 1995.
I graduated from Stanford University in 1999.

I began playing water polo in 1993, before high school girls’ water polo was a part of any Bay Area league or CCS. So, in order to gain experience and exposure, a group of us from Menlo and Menlo-Atherton formed a water polo club called SAPO and began competing in local college club tournaments. This team became the first Stanford Girls Club team during the summer of 1995.

Did you play college water polo? If so, what was that like? 
Yes, I played in college. As members of the first freshman class of the first varsity team at Stanford University, my teammates and I had the unique opportunity to help build a program–and its culture, traditions, and reputation. We were, of course, part of the Stanford athletic community, but we were also part of something new. It was exciting but also very challenging. On a personal level, the experience was enormously rewarding. I learned a lot about hard work, persistence, and commitment. Ultimately, I learned a lot about myself. I should also note that our team always had fun! 
What was your college major?
Psychology (BA); Sociology (MA)
What was your favorite memory from Stanford Club? 
My favorite memory of Stanford Club is probably playing the board game “Memory” with my teammate Fana Fuqua while we were trapped in the hotel at JOs because of Hurricane Erin.
What team was your rival when you played for Stanford? 
That first summer (1995) we did not really have one rival in particular. We were excited to compete against the teams from Southern California and from the East. Stanford Girls Club was brand new and we were excited to see how we would do against more established teams.
Is there any advice you remember from your Stanford coaches?
To be successful, you have to take responsibility for yourself. (I am not sure that anyone ever used those exact words, but that was an underlying message.) 
Do you still keep in touch with your club teammates?
What hobbies do you enjoy?
Traveling; reading; anything adventurous outdoors, especially involving water.
Where do you live now? 
Do you still play water polo? 
Yes. I have been playing and/or coaching water polo every year since I was 15 years old. I was even a Stanford Club coach in 1999. (See below for details.) I love the sport, but I also love being part of a team and working towards a group goal. 
Any life accomplishments you’d like to share?
I am a very persistent person. I love challenges, and I tend to set long-term goals. So, it is strange to think about “life accomplishments” when, hopefully, I have many decades of life left to experience and time to reach life-long goals. However, I am proud of a few things thus far: climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro; earning a Ph.D. and publishing my research; and being happily married.  
Are you attending the reunion June 26-27?
No, unfortunately, I cannot make it back to the Bay Area for the celebration. I’m looking forward to catching up with my former teammates, coaches, players, and colleagues next time!