Lauren Wyckoff

What year did you graduate high school?

I graduated from Los Altos High School in 2007, and was a part of the Stanford Club all throughout high school( I played both in summer and winter.)

What’s your favorite memory of the club?
I loved playing with Stanford, not only because I made so many new friends, but because it was where I improved and really developed all of my water polo skills. Stanford water polo was and, as you know, still is the most elite water polo club in the country and I would argue the world. One of my favorite memories, and I would consider a milestone, was when the teams were picked for Junior Olympics 16U. We had so many talented players, I was confident I was going to be picked to play on the A team. We had an A, B, and C team (like I said, lots of good players!) Well, when the time came to picking the teams, I wasn’t picked for the A team, instead I was told I would be the leader of the B team (my position was a center/post-up player.) My first reaction was, wow, I have busted my butt and I deserve to be on the A team! But after reflecting and talking to my dad (who coached wopo at Stanford and my high school), sister (also a player -goalie- one year younger than myself), and my coach Teddy, I knew this was an opportunity! OMG it was so fun! Our team went into an overtime shootout twice! We beat both teams and made it the farthest any B team ever had in the 16U division. We ended up placing top 16  out of over 50 teams. It felt so good to prove to others we were just as good as all of the A teams (our biggest rivals were socal teams- I remember specifically the ones who wore pink octopus suits), but most importantly it was a lesson to myself to not focus on what DIDN’T happen according to plan, but to look at and take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY it provided me with. I ended up playing in some of the best games of my career, and the cherry on top? I was chosen to be a part of the “All American Club.” How cool was that.
What did you major in at college? Did you play water polo in college? What was that like?

After high school and club polo, I was invited to to attend Indiana University on a scholarship to play the amazing sport of water polo:). I had the BEST time ever being a college athlete. It’s like you’re a part of your own sorority or fraternity, not only within your team, but with all of the other athletes at school. We all understood our rigorous schedules, so we were always hanging out on campus, during lunch or dinner, and while out on weekends at house parties or bars(after we were 21 of course:))  Ahh, college was so FUN! I graduated in the class of 2011 with some of the most amazing memories of my life, a handful of best friends, and a BA in Sports Communications.

Where do you live now? Any life milestones you’d like to share?

Today I am traveling the world and continuing to pursue what I am passionate about, food:). After college, I went on to work in many different industries to find out what it was I really wanted to do! I worked in a high end hotel, I worked for the NBA (hence my degree in sports communications), I worked for a chocolate company, and I worked in restaurants. After trying out all of these different jobs, I realized that FOOD was my passion. I recently just came back from living overseas in Paris, France for a year while attending culinary school! What a blast! Right now I am living in Boston for the Summer with my boyfriend who is attending Harvard, while I’m working on starting my own businesses online, as well as looking at the NY area for food styling work. A little off my original degree, yes? 🙂

Any advice?

If I had any advice to give someone like yourself, or the me when I was 17/18- it would be this:

1. Relax, stress gets you nowhere. Is it life threatening? If not, then what is to worry about?! Stay positive and it will always work out in your favor.
2. In failure, seek opportunity. If something doesn’t go as planned, keep positive and look for the hidden opportunity it can bring you
3. ASK, today the world revolves around who you know, so get to know as many people as you can and ASK for help as much as you can. It’s crazy to think about how many experiences and opportunities I have been given, simply because I asked.
4. Believe, believe in yourself! This is what gets you to accomplish all of your goals and aspirations. Believe in all of the great talents and skills you have been given and NEVER let others determine your value.

Will you be attending the reunion June 26-27?
Unfortunately, I will be at a trade show in NY during the Alumni weekend so I won’t be able to make it. I hope you enjoy all of the fun activities planned, and meet many new faces!