Allison Feeney

• High school/college & grad years – where did you go to school?

Palo Alto High School – Graduating class of 2008 

University of Redlands – Graduation class of 2012

• Do you still play water polo?

I no longer play, but would be more than happy to throw a ball around with old teammates! 

• Did you play water polo in college? What was that like?

I played my freshman year and it was a lot of fun. I got to meet a ton of great girls and travel all over. 

• What team was your rival when you played for Stanford?

Our biggest rivals were Commerce LAWPC (Los Angeles Water Polo Club)  and CHAWP 

• Where do you live now?

I live in San Francisco

• Do you keep in touch with club teammates?

I do, I keep in touch with a lot of girls like Hallie Kennan, Pheobe Champion, Remy Champion, Roxanne Pinto and more! 

• Favorite memory of the club

Playing in the JO’s in Florida at 14U’s during our 3rd place game. There was a thunder and lightening storm and we kept having to jump in and out of the pool. I can remember during warm up seeing our coach yelling at us at the other end of the deck to get out. We had to wait it out in the locker room. 

• What did you major in at college?

Business Administration and Art History 

• Do you remember any advice from a club coach?

I don’t remember any specific advice, but I remember when I started as a 12U there wasn’t a 12U team yet for me to play on and Kyle helped to encourage me that I could keep up with the older girls. 

I will also always remember Teddy pacing up and down the pool deck during games and hearing his booming voice! 

I think Kyle and Teddy were my most influential club coaches

• What hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy exploring SF through trying new restaurants and hiking. I also love to bake! 

• Any life milestones you’d like to share?

. If you could give your fifth grade self life advice, what would it be ?

Keep having fun, its 5th grade! :) 

• Will you be attending the reunion on June 26-27?

I am sure going to try!