Keri Clifford

1. I graduated in 2013 from The Harker School in San Jose.
2. Water polo in college is a lot more physical and a faster pace. There are a lot less one and no one counter attacks and we really focus on 6 on 5 opportunities.
3. Our rival team was definitely 680.
4. I am from Cupertino, but I live at school (I go to Santa Clara University).
5. I actually keep in touch with most of my teammates from my class and we even get to play each other in college games!
6.  Favorite club memory: I loved all of our team bonding events (whether it be going to breakfast as a team at Hobbes after early morning practice, tie-dying tshirts, or going with our team to santa cruz, we always had a great time hanging out and laughing together in and out of the pool) Random: but I totally remember our team chasing each other around the hotel at JOs with squirt guns and it being so fun!
7. I am a psychology major with a minor in urban education (pre-teaching).  I want to be an elementary (K-3) school teacher.
8. My piece of advise for anyone who wants to play D1 water polo is to work hard even when no one is watching.  That may sound kind of corny, but just staying a few minutes after practice to take a few extra shots, or do some extra sprints, or doing an extra leg set, this will take you to the next level.  Honestly, I was not some super talented water polo child prodigy, but by working hard you can accomplish any goal.
9.  I don’t really remember any direct quotes, but I would definitely give credit to Kyle for teaching me how to turn people in set.  I can clearly remember one summer I was just learning to play set and all I would do is step out shots, and for weeks Kyle would remind me to do a drop-step or strong-side turn.  Eventually I was able to master those skills, and now drawing kick outs and five meters by using turn moves in set is probably by greatest contribution to my college team, thanks to Kyle.
10. I love volunteering (especially with little kids), playing with animals, baking, hiking, yoga, and Pinterest!
11. Um, I’m not sure about milestones.  Maybe in college I was asked to join our schools Liberal Studies (pre-teaching) honor society (Kappa Delta Pi) and Psychology honor society (Psi Chi)… I am kind of a nerd!  Also this year I played in everyone of our water polo games and I was able to score 10 goals, draw 24 kickouts, and five 5 meters (sorry idk if this is what you were asking).
12. Yes, I will be attending the reunion.  Can’t wait to meet you there!  I hope you are enjoying playing for the club, and good luck finishing out the school year strong– we are so close to summer!
Warm regards,
Keri 🙂