Marissa Sendejas

How has the club played a part in your life?
First off the club was a huge part in my life by the fact that it shaped me as a person. I started at a young age and grew up within the club. It is the reason why I am so organized and focus on technique, not only in polo but in life.

When did you graduate high school?
I graduated in 2013 from Live Oak High, which is in Morgan Hill. I live in the same town, it is
about 40 minutes away from Stanford.

What college are you currently attending?
Currently I am attending Foothill College in Los Altos. It is a JC and I major in Kinesiology, hoping to go into physical therapy.

What position do you play?
I have always been known as a “driver/utility,” I am left handed meaning I get stuck in the same two spots offensively, not a bad thing. Defensively, I play 2D which I enjoy because I feel it is an important aspect of the defensive game. Also it’s nice to be close to the goalie 😉

When did you start playing polo?
I started playing when I was 8 playing on a local team. I joined Stanford at age 12. I began
because my two older siblings played.

What’s it like to play polo in college?
Playing in the Junior College level is fun! It isn’t as competitive as other schools, but the level
of play is still challenging enough to learn more about the game.

How had water polo influenced your life style?
Polo has built me as a character; such as responsibility, organization, teamwork, and passion.

What is your favorite memory of the club?
My favorite Stanford memory is just the travel trips. It was always a blast to go to hotels and
play games with the team.

What was a defining moment or game in your career as a player at the Stanford club?
A moment I cherish was in 2008 Speedo Cup I was awarded the Maureen O’Toole Award and
it made me realize the hard work does pay off.

What was your rival team when you played for the club?
The rival team at the time, and for my whole Stanford career was Diablo.

Do you still keep in touch with your old teammates?
I actually play with one of my best friends that I met through Stanford, Lauren Lesyna.

Did you ever attend ODP?
I did do ODP a few times but never enjoyed it, I felt it was too long.

Do you remember any advice from club coaches?
I do not remember any specific words that a Stanford coach has given me, but I know when I
play and think of skills it comes from their knowledge. I do remember how Susan always stressed about picking up the ball from underneath.

What are you doing currently?
I currently just go to school and play polo. Life is good and just doing the best I can in school.

Do you have any life milestones?
With regards to milestones, I am proud to have gotten awards from the CCCAA for water polo. For example, winning our conference two years in a row and making it to State Championships was a big accomplishment for the team.

Favorite color, movie, and place?
My favorite color is pink and I love Disney movies. My favorite place, as cliche as it sounds, is
the pool.

Favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school is Kinesiology because I feel it is where I learn the most about
real life and how my every day life can change based on movements.

And lastly, will you be attending the reunion June 26-27?
I will be there Saturday the 27th, for the brunch & again at the bake off!