Michelle Scaduto (Bacolini)

-To start, why did you decide to start and continue on with water polo?
-When did you join Stanford?
- How old were you, and do you remember the year? 
        -Did you play for any club teams before that? 
    I was swimmer first from the age of 5 I swam in teams! I loved swimming! So when I went to high school at St. Francis in 1995, it was the first year they had girls water polo so I joined! I absolutely loved it…it combined 2 passions swimming and team sports together for me. I quickly joined Stanford’s summer team after my freshman year to play club, it was fairly new then and they only had summer teams. So that winter most of my Stanford team and I started a club called Peninsula United, I believe Kyle was our coach or maybe Teddy, I can’t remember and we then got to play in the winter league. After the next summer Stanford decided to add the winter teams so we were called Stanford after that! 
-What is you favorite memory from being on the club?
    My favorite memory was traveling! I loved go to JO’s especially in Florida and Jr. And Sr. Nationals! My favorite trip was Sr. Nationals in Maryland maybe 1997! I think we came in 3rd but it was just the most amazingly fun trip! We stayed at the Naval Academy!  I then went to SDSU and played for a year, I had some shoulder issues and my coach left after my first year so I didn’t continue after that. Sad to say! 
-What has been your greatest accomplishment? 
    My greatest accomplishment in water polo was getting 2 full ride scholarships to colleges, however I didn’t attend either of those schools but maybe I should have! My greatest accomplishment in life is my wonderful son, Logan (19 months old). Being a mom completes me!
-Do you remember any advice from your club coaches or other coaches that has really stuck with you?
    The only advice I remember was JT always saying if you’re on time you’re late! Which stuck with me because I hated being late to anything…always liked to show up early!
-Where do you live now?
-What do you do?
-Do you still play water polo
    I am now a kindergarten teacher in Menlo Park at St. Raymond School. Which is actually the grade school that I went to and my husband went there too! I live in San Mateo with my husband, Chris, and son, logan, and we have another baby due in early December! I do not play anymore but I still love the water, I have swam on masters teams on and off over the last 15 years! Swimming will always be a great love of mine! Now I get to teach my son, who already loves the water,  to swim and play water polo! Which I think will be my next adventure!
-And last but not least… glass half full? Or half empty?

The glass is always 1/2 full!!!