Roxanne Pinto

1. How long were you part of the Stanford Water Polo club?  As in, since what age?
I joined when I was 15, in the summer before my sophomore year at Paly, 2003. I kept playing with the team until 2008, so 5 years.
2. How was your time on the Stanford Water Polo team?  What was your favorite memory or moment?
My time was fun! My favorite moment was making up dance moves that matched some of our drills during our tournament. Coach Teddy (Ted Minnis, head coach at Harvard now) was awesome at the “Up slide Up” move.
 3. Did you play water polo at Harvard, and how was that experience?
I did play at Harvard, and the experience was interesting! We were really building the program into what it is now — it used to be a non-cut sport, and there weren’t many off season training opportunities. Now it’s much more intense, and the women are really kicking butt.
4. What are some of your hobbies outside of water polo?
I’m a masters swimmer now, so I do a lot of swim workouts with my team. I also do illustration and watercolor painting for my friends and family. My work at Google takes up a lot of my thinking, so when I’m not at work, I’m usually trying to use the more creative side of my brain.
 5. Are you married?  How is your life outside of water polo?
I am not married. My life is great!