Carla Tocchini

Hi Mala,
I’m so excited you came to Stanford! I am actually one of the 12&u coaches, so I will be around for the summer. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask! Being a part of this clubs was a great experience for me and I hope it will be for you too!
1. What high school/College did you got to and when did you graduate?
Saint Ignatius College Preparatory 2013
Current UC Davis Student, class of 2017
2. Do you still play water polo?
Yes, I play for the UC Davis Women’s Water Polo ICA team
3. Did you play water polo in college and if so what was it like? Was it different than Club and High School besides the competitiveness?
I am currently playing water polo in college and it has been an amazing experience so far. I love being able to represent my university as a student athlete and play a game I love. The competition level is very different, yes, but I think the biggest difference between high school/club polo and Division 1 water polo is the fact that you put in so many more hours training. I’ve worked my body harder in the last two years than I ever have in my life. I am also in the best shape of my life right now and I only expect to become more fit in the next two years. My favorite added aspect of training right now is weight lifting. I love being able to make my body stranger and I can definitely feel the difference when I am playing in the water.
4. If you can remember, when you played for the Club, what team was your rival team?
680 has always been a main rival for us, but I also remember playing against SJA always a fun competition as well
5. Where do you live now?
Currently I am living in Davis but spend my summers at home in Daly City and San Francisco.
6. Did you keep in touch with any of the girls you played in the club with?
Yes! They are some of my best friends. I loved that aspect of being a part of the club. It draws so many girls from different high schools together.
7. What was your favorite memory with Stanford Water Polo Club?
This is a VERY hard question to answer because there are WAY too many great memories. I’d say most of them involve traveling trips and just goofing around with my teammates, but one specific one that I will share with you happened when I was a 16&u too. We were practicing in Belardi at Stanford and it must have been one of the hottest days of the summer. Kyle Utsumi was one of our coaches and he was trying to teach us how to lob properly. He stepped on the flat side of the cage that was resting on the gutter and physically reached over the crossbar and put his hands in the top right corner of cage to show us where we were supposed to be aiming or something. As he stepped forward to put his hands further down on cage the goal started tipping forward and the whole thing fell into the water, him included. It was so funny, and all of us were dying of laughter, Andy, our other coach, included.
8. What was your college major?
I am majoring in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
9. What is your Job now?
Student-Athlete 🙂
10. Do you remember any advice your club coach gave you? If so would you please share?
Someone is always watching. I know this sounds kind of creepy, but I promise it’s not meant that way. This was something that really helped me through the recruiting process. It helped me remember to always act with class and humility, but also know every time you get in the pool there could be someone out there that is scouting or maybe you impress someone that passes on a message about you or working hard shows your coach what you are capable of or you inspire a teammate to push themselves a little bit harder. Every time you get in the pool you work hard and give it your 100% effort because there is always someone watching.
11. What are your hobbies?
I know this sounds kind of lame, but I really don’t have any! Outside of polo and school (which takes up 99% of my time) my free time is used to relax. I love being outdoors, especially by a beach. I love being in the presence of others and value good company.  I can also be a homebody just sitting around watching movies or tv shows if I’m feeling lazy.
12. Do you have any life Milestones you would like to share? I was a member of the women’s youth national team at one point in my career. Signing with UC Davis was also another huge accomplishment that I am proud of.
13. Was there ever a point where you thought you wanted to quit water polo? If so what got you through, What kept you in water polo?
I definitely had days where I didn’t want to go to practice and I still do. Sometimes the feelings would last for weeks and polo became a burden at times. Once when I was in one of these slumps, I lead listening to a speech at my high school. The man was talking about his love for his sport and how, although he enjoyed it, playing and practicing could be difficult at times. I will never forget he told us he was thinking about quitting once and he thought long and hard about the decision and came to the conclusion “I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.” From that day on I knew water polo was for me, no matter what. It is so true, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. My life without water polo would be way less fun and happy and I plan on continuing to play until I can’t get out of a pool anymore!
14. Do you have any pictures I can add to my poster about you that can help the girls see what it is like to be Carla Tocchini now and when you played In High School and for Stanford?
I think this one is kind of cool because I’m obviously playing for Davis but I’m at Stanford and the logo on the ball is clear.
 Those are just some fun photos 🙂 don’t have to use them but we are in our Stanford suits!
Final Question I Promise. Will you be attending the reunion June 26 and 27?
Yes! I will be there!
Let me know if you need anything else!
Carla Tocchini