Toby Branz

Toby Branz

I had an amazing time playing water polo growing up.  I began playing in 8th grade with Radian Club Team, led by Randy Whitchurch at Castilleja School.  It was such an inspiration to play with girls who were in 9th-12th grade and had a high level of skill.  I felt the same kind of inspiration the summer I played with Stanford Club Polo (around my 9th or 10th grade summer !?)

I played varsity my whole 4 years at Gunn, and I loved playing hole set.  I was super inspired by my coach, Mo Eger, who was still at Stanford at the time.  She was really a mentor and guide to me in many ways, and we continued our friendship outside the pool as I grew into an adult and moved to SF … my wife Betsy even was able to attend Mo and Erin’s wedding a couple years ago!  (Sadly I couldn’t attend as I was working at the time!)

I continued playing polo for my 4 years at Pomona College (Pomona-Pitzer D III team) and I was proud to be a D III National Champion in 2003 and 2005, my Sophomore and Senior years.  I was team captain my senior year and felt a lot of pride in all the work and effort I put into the sport and the team.  It was really a large part of my identity!  I became very close with my teammates, became a better player, and developed great self-confidence and self-discipline.  After doing all those double days and early morning practices, I felt equipped to handle anything life could throw at me.

Then I moved to SF, switched my focus from water polo to opera singing, got 2 graduate degrees from the SF conservatory of music, met the love of my life, Betsy (she’s an amazing photographer, by the way – check out her websites! , , )…

Now I run my own music teaching business, Music with Toby, where I teach private violin & singing lessons… I also run summer camps, which is what I’m doing right now — it keeps me very busy!

My dream is to have children (hopefully someday soon!) and get them in the water and playing polo and swimming before they are out of diapers