Aimee Corsiglia

Aimee Corsiglia
What years did you graduate from high school? College? What high school and college did you attend?
I graduated high school in 2001 and college in 2005. I went to SI and ended up transferring to St. Francis High School my senior year graduating from there. I attended Villanova University.

Do you still play water polo?
No, my shoulders couldn’t handle it anymore! But after graduating college I coached at St. Francis for two years (varsity assistant).
What is your favorite memory of the club? Do you remember any advice from a club coach?
I learned a lot while playing for Stanford and I think my best memories were being teammates with girls that I normally played against during the school season and I felt I learned so much from my Stanford coaches. The fundamentals and strategy and ways to play the game really helped shape the way I played throughout high school and college.
What did you major in college?
Marketing and International Business.
Did you play water polo in college? If so, what was that like?
Yes I played at Villanova, which is outside Philadelphia. It definitely was a change from playing in California and with Stanford, where I feel the level of play was much higher. It was also when women’s water polo was beginning to grow on the east coast so not as competitive. We played a lot of really small schools that would barely be able to beat a high school team! But I found many of the programs that were growing recruited heavily out of California so had a lot of Californians. Overall I’m glad I played a sport in college but it wasn’t easy. A lot of time, dedication, pain and stress on top of school so almost like having a job, but it taught me lessons and gave me experiences that have helped me in the working world and situations.
What team was your rival when you played for Stanford?
I think it was the Cal team mainly.
What hobbies do you enjoy?
I enjoy sports, exercise/classes, running, music and concerts, going out to eat and trying new restaurants and travel.
Any life milestones you would like to share?
Nothing major. I’ve been working at the same company, Franklin Templeton Investments, since I graduated college so it’ll be 10 years in January. I got an opportunity to help build out our Australia business 3 years ago and so moved full-time to Sydney about a year and a half ago.
Do you keep in touch with club teammates? 
Mainly just my friends from high school that played, so not too many.
Will you be attending the reunion?? 
Unfortunately no.