Lizzie Rouleau

1.  What are your highschool and college grad years?
2006 from St. Francis Mountain View; 2010 from UC Santa Barbara
2. Did you play water polo in college? And if so how was that experience?
Yes, at UCSB all 4 years. It was the best experience to date — Walked into my first day of college with 30 immediate friends. Playing a college sport helped me to stay balanced with school, athletics and social life. A bonus is that UCSB is the most beautiful campus in the country … who wouldn’t want to play water polo next to the beach!
3. What team was your rival when you played for Stanford?
I think SoCal!4. Do you keep in touch with club team mates?

I do! I still play masters water polo at the Olympic Club with Kim Krueger and Kandis Canonica! I played internationally with Remy Champion!
5. What was your favorite memory about club season?
Breakfast after practice with Susan 🙂
6. What did you major in at college?
Major = Sociology; Minor = Sports Management and Exercise & Health Sciences
7. Do you remember an advice from previous coaches?

8. What hobbies do you enjoy? Hiking, reading, swimming, working (I work for an awesome start up called Zenefits!)

9. Are there any milestones you would like to share?:)
I played overseas for two years — 1 in Madrid, Spain and 1 in Newcastle, Aus. 
Thank you again so much!