Morgan McCracken

1. When did you start playing water polo?
2. Where did you go to high school?

I first started playing water polo in 5th grade PE and fell in love with it; I soon after joined Stanford club (6th grade) and played with my middle school team. I went to Sacred Heart Prep (SHP) from 3rd grade until senior year and played water polo and swam on the swim team every year!

3. What position do you play?
4. Where do you go to college?
5. Did/do you play water polo in college?
6. What did/are you major(ing) in at college?
7. Where do you live now?
8. Do you have any siblings? What about pets?

I am an attacker and just finished my first year of college playing for the Pomona-Pitzer Sagehens. I attend Pomona College, I am majoring in neuroscience, and I am researching in the Chemistry department this summer!I live in Atherton, Ca, I am an only child, I have a fat and adorable puppy who weighs more than I do.

9. What’s your favorite book? Food? Vacation spot?

My favorite book is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, I adore all food except for chocolate, and I love to vacation anywhere there is a beach!

10. What team was your rival when you played for Stanford?
11. Do you have a memory of one of the best/coolest things you did playing water polo?

When I played for Stanford our biggest rival was 680- one of my favorite memories was beating them in a super close game (the score kept on going back and forth with a one point lead or tie) until we pulled through as a team and won by one point (Kyle Utsumi was our coach and our entire team- including him- was ecstatic that we won).

12. Do you have a memory of one of the most embarrassing things that happened playing water polo (that you can laugh over now)?
13. Any other memorable things that happened while playing at Stanford?

Another memory I won’t forget was when Kyle was coaching us in Belardi pool and tried to demonstrate where to shoot (pretty sure it was a lob demonstration) and he fell in the water- unfortunately his phone broke but apart from that he was fine, except the fact he got soaked, but at least it was in the summer haha- I’m sure it’s been long enough to laugh about it now (sorry Kyle!!! Miss you)

[editor’s note: That was the all-time hottest day on the Stanford pool deck… something like 110 degrees on the deck. The goal was sitting on the gutter and I walked out on it to point to where the shots should go and it tipped me into the pool… I consciously thought, “My phone is in my pocket… but the water feels so good!” Nothing I could do to save the phone!]