Heather Crary

Information based on phone call on 6/12/15

Heather Crary was a goalie on the first Stanford Water Polo Club team while she was in high
school. She also played for her high school, Menlo. Heather graduated from high school in 1995 and then attended Stanford, where she was a member of the first varsity women’s water polo team until she graduated in 1999.

Four of Heather’s teammates from Menlo and Stanford club also played with her in college. She still keeps in touch with girls from the club, including her good friend Anne-Marie.

Although Heather stopped playing water polo after college, she stays active and enjoys running, taking classes at Soulcycle, and competing in team activities at work. She says “the discipline that I learned through water polo has stayed with me in other aspects of my life.”

Heather remembers that a big rival in Northern California was Novato (Marin WPC), and they had many tournaments in Modesto. “I loved the fun tournaments where we would be in random places like Modesto. We had to figure out how to entertain ourselves for that time and it was pretty silly.”

Heather remembers her coaches at Stanford always telling her to “work on your lateral motion!”

She also enjoyed playing in college and talked about the differences between playing
collegiately versus at a high school level. “I think a big difference is the closeness that you have with your teammates in college. It’s a higher level so theres a lot more dedication. The
camaraderie was more meaningful.”

Now, Heather works for Google in Chicago. She is proud of her MBA that she received from
Goizueta Business School at Emory University. She also got to work in China for three months
for her job with Google.

Heather remembers her experience with Stanford positively and it has an impact on her life
now. “I still value teamwork. At work now I really have to work in a team setting. While it’s not a sporting event, it’s still teamwork. We travel a lot so there is still that same entertainment factor. We always just have fun and make the best of it.”