Nikki Perlman

1. What are your high school/college graduation years? 
I graduated from Castilleja School in 2005 and Harvard University in 2009
2. Do you still play water polo?
Sometimes… but now just for fun
3. Did you play water polo in college? What was it like?
I did play water polo in college, and being on the team at Harvard was the highlight of those four years. I will say though that it was very different than in high school. I was a goalie and during my club years I played in almost every game. In college, I spent my first year as the 1A goalie behind a very talented senior… At first I was ticked off! I loved playing! I loved starting! But I quickly realized that I could learn a ton from the older girls on the team, and by the time I was a sophomore I was even more prepared to start in goal. Of course I missed the sun and the outdoor pools, but the girls on the HWWP team quickly became my best friends and closest confidants. I wouldn’t have traded that experience for anything–not national championships, not more wins, and not more time in the sun. Now that I am a few years out of college, I realize that it’s not about the games you win and the trophies you bring home, it’s about the friends you make and your development as a teammate. Your ability to work and grow within a team will be invaluable no matter what you pursue down the road, and your teammates will always be there supporting you both in and out of the pool.
4. What team was your rival when you played for Stanford?
Oh my, I can’t remember all of them… they were definitely from SoCal…
5. Where do you live now?
Boston, MA
6. Do you keep in touch with club teammates?
Yes, a few.
7. What is your favorite memory of the club?
Early morning practices… taking an insanely long time to get the pool covers off because it was so cold at 5am and having Susan finally get fed up and start pushing people into the pool
8. What did you major in at college?
Art History, and I did my premedical courses “on the side.”
9. Do you remember any advice from a club coach?
JT told me I had to be an excellent swimmer, even if I was a goalie. That’s clearly advice very much aimed at creating a strong water polo player, but I am grateful for it every time I get into a pool for a workout.
10. What hobbies do you enjoy?
Running, swimming, beaching, reading
11. Any life milestones you would like to share?
In 2013 I matriculated at Harvard Medical School. It was extremely rewarding to get into med school coming from undergrad as an art history major. A lot of athletes go to med school. Being a doctor is all about working on a team. Anyone who wants to talk to me about this career should feel free to reach out!
12. Will you be attending the reunion June 26-27?
Sadly, I cannot make it! I am on my surgery rotation right now and they are waking us up even earlier than Stanford Club morning practices did!