Cassie Wyckoff

Hi Emma,

I had heard some of the players were getting in touch with us Alumnae. Yes I will be attending the reunion so I will see you there!
I graduated high school in 2008 from Los Altos High School. 2012 from Indiana University with a Human Development Major. I played all 4 years and learned a lot about time management and engaging in school. Went to a World University games competing for USA in 2011 in Shenzhen, China. Will be playing this year with the Stanford women’s in South Korea for the same tournament and also representing USA.
As far as rival teams we also had great teams to compete with. Commerce was always an awesome competitor as well as Diablo.
I recently just returned from playing in Eger, Hungary. Previously I played for Dunaujvaros for 2 years. I was fortunate to have been a part of the competitive international experience. I had traveled to many places meeting friends and making new ones. While playing in Europe I traveled to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, England, Switzerland, France and Russia.
I still play for NYAC and fortunately have opportunities still to play with and against old teammates. One of my best friends to this day, Kim Benedetti, played club with Stanford where we originally met and also played at World University Games 2011.
I would say the best memory with Stanford would be JOs 16&U in 2006 where we won 3rd place against CHAWP. We made ribbons and had dinner together prior to the tournament. Before matches we would sing the Mulan “I’ll make a man out of you” song.
Best advice I recorded from a club coach would be,”Never look back at shore when you’re swimming the ocean”
I love to hike, run, lift, bike, watch comedy shows, spend time with friends, try new food places, go to concerts and learn how to play the guitar.
Life milestones would be learning to give everything in something and failing rather than allowing fear to keep me from doing what I love. A good rule to live by is “it’s better to fail in something you love than fail in something you don’t”.

I hope this is enough info for you. Enjoy!