Kelsey Haley

Do you still play water polo?
I played in a few tournaments post college but now primarily just swim.

Did you play water polo in college? What was that like?
I did for the University of Michigan and for anyone who has the opportunity I highly recommend it! It was great to have an immediate group of friends that shared something you love and playing for Michigan, allowed me to travel to California far more than I would have as a regular student (almost all of our weekend tournaments were out west). It’s also really fun to run into old Stanford teammates at tournaments and catch up! 


What team was your rival when you played for Stanford?
I want to say one of the Berkeley teams (Golden Bear, maybe?). They always had great players and we definitely embraced the Stanford/Cal college rivalry. 

Where do you live now?
San Francisco and I still hang out with a bunch of the girls I played club with! 

Favorite memory of the club
I always loved secret sisters for big tournaments. I would always get really into being creative and surprising my sisters with gifts. I also loved JO tournaments in SoCal where we were all stuck in the big vans rocking out to rap music for the entire trip. Thank you to Molly Hayes & Remy Champion for my extensive early introduction into rap.  

What did you major in at college?
American Culture & Women Studies but currently work in online advertising. 

Do you remember any advice from a club coach?
There aren’t any one-liners that stick out but I have very found memories specifically of Kyle, Teddy, and Craig congratulating us on wins, pumping us up for the hard games, and consoling us after a loss. I also remember the Stanford program really being great with the fundamentals (both inside and outside the pool) which really set me up for college and life! 

What hobbies do you enjoy?
Running, and swimming is still a big part of my life. On the weekend, I enjoy swimming in Aquatic Park in the city, coincidentally with other water polo alumni from both Stanford and college. 

Will you be attending the reunion this weekend?

I’m hopefully going to make Saturday’s BBQ – I’ll be sure to say hi if i do!