Elizabeth Anderson

What High School and College did you go to?
I went to Gunn High School and I am going to be a senior at Santa Clara University.

When did you start playing water polo?
I started playing water polo going into 7th grade(2006) with Teddy’s 14U team.

Did you play in college? What was it like?
I do play in college, at SCU. College water polo amazing, it’s great to play water polo at such a high level with such a crazy fun team. Here’s a link to my bio for more info on my college water polo life  http://www.santaclarabroncos.com/sports/w-wpolo/2014-15/bios/anderson_elizabeth_ir0u

What was your rival team(s) at Stanford?
Our rival team was 680, we definitely traded wins and losses throughout my 6 years playing for Stanford. One of my best friends and teammates here at Santa Clara actually was on our rival 680 team!

Do you keep in touch with your team mates from Stanford?
Yes, some of my teammates from Stanford are still my best friends. We love to play against each other on our college teams and then come together again in the summers and reunite. Those girls are my crew.

What did you major in at college?
I’m a Finance major and Entrepreneurship minor.

Do you have any advice for Stanford club players?

Have a lot of fun, I remember more of the times we were silly and ridiculous than the actually scores of the games we played. Although I am a huge fan of winning (def remember some of the best games we played too).

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy underwater basket weaving, riding roller coasters, making friends, scaring people, and chugging water.

What is your favorite memory from the club?

When we had a tournament in Canada we convinced the guys at the desk to let us play music for warm up. We created a playlist of all American themed songs that blasted right before we beat the Canadian team in the championship game at their home pool. Very immature, but hilarious.
Good luck in JO quals, you’re going to kill it– I’m sure!