Hathaway Moore

Hathaway Moore: A Water Polo Woman
By Scarlett Gamble
May 27, 2015

You’ll find personal information about Hathaway Moore in this paper.

Hathaway went to Saint Francis High School, and went to Univ. of Michigan, where she was the Women’s Water Polo goalie. She graduated in 2014. At Michigan, she majored in Neuroscience. Later, she minored in business at the Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Hathaway says, “College water polo is awesome!!” Hathaway enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded, competitive people who pushed her to be her best in the pool, weight room, and classroom. She says, “It’s a great way to make friends for life while playing the sport you love. Having played water polo at the University of Michigan, I feel closer to the school and more a part of the magic of the Block M. Plus I almost beat my dad in arm wrestling.”

I asked Hathaway who her biggest rival was when she played for the Stanford Water Polo Club- ‘When I played for Stanford Club, our biggest rival was probably Diablo. Both top-tier programs with incredible players- speed, strength and polo smarts- always a fun/physical game!’

Her first water polo game answer -‘My first water polo game was with Stanford Club. I remember being so nervous, but Teddy (my first coach)- was so supportive and helped me through it. I ended up sprinting and even scored my first goal! I remember having so much fun with my team 🙂 Everyone was supportive and wanted me to do well.

Advice from club coaches:

1) Teddy- Stay positive and know that you can keep improving. Everyone starts somewhere- all you need to do is give effort! (As my first coach, this was incredibly helpful.)

2) Susan-I remember my first summer with the club, Susan was my coach and awarded me the team tournament trophy. I was no where near being the best player on the team, but she awarded my hustle and hard work. Susan taught me to fight every second of the game.

3) Kyle- Kyle taught me to use my length. (I have a 6’2″ wingspan). I still remember Kyle advising me to use my arms to shot block, steal, and intimidate. Length and size is a huge asset in the sport and I am not sure I would have taken full advantage of my size without Kyle’s coaching. ‘

Hathaway still plays polo! (Currently playing for New York Athletic Club.) She swims masters at Stanford, but also loves to hang out with friends and family, as well as hike, go to the beach, or bike rides! (pretty much anything outdoors).

Hathaway currently works at SalesForce in San Francisco. Her sister, Katherine, is goalie for University of Michigan now, also!

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