Pallavi Menon

  1. What were your high school/college & grad years? — Sacred Heart Prep in 2008 and Stanford in 2012
  2. What is your favorite memory of the club? — this one is hard!! Speedo cup in 2002 was so fun, and definitely secret santa and ribbon making during 14/under JOs in 2003!
  3. Do you still play water polo? — I haven’t in a little while, but I think I’m going to start giving lessons soon!
  4. What do/did you major in at college? — I majored in Human Biology and minored in psychology.
  5. What college do/did you attend?– I went to Stanford!! Go Card!
  6. Do/did you play water polo in college? If so, what was or is that like? — I did and it was amazing! We won two national championships my junior and senior years!
  7. How old are you (if that’s not too prying)? — I’m 25 (:
  8. Do you remember any advice from a club coach? — Teddy always used to say “play like you practice, practice like you play”
  9. What team was your rival when you played for Stanford? — hmm, I think Commerce and SoCal were big rivals of ours!
  10. What hobbies do you enjoy? — I love yoga!
  11. Where do you live now? — in Boston!
  12. Any life milestones you’d like to share? — I just finished my very first year living on the East Coast, and survived my first winter!
  13. Do you keep in touch with club teammates? — I do, all the time!! I just hung out with one of my club teammates in Chicago!
  14. Will you be attending the reunion June 26-27? — I wish I could, but I’ll be in Berlin and Portugal! Tell everyone I say hi!!
  15. Do you prefer pancakes or waffles? — Waffles for sure (: