Junior Olympic Availability – Due Mon, Memorial Day, May 28th.

Junior Olympics are our Age Group National Championships for the year.  We need every athlete to respond to the availability for Junior Olympics (JOs) and the qualifying by Mon, May 28th. Official entries are due 2 days later so we need time to review so we can enter as many teams as possible in JOs based on the RSVPs.  Stanford is the host of JOs so games will be located somewhere on the peninsula at any of the 20 pools secured for this event.

One question refers to the JO Qualifying weekend.  Respond yes/no based on your child’s competition division.  18s = 11 & 12th graders, 16s= 9 & 10th, 14s = 7 & 8th, 12s = 5 & 6th, 10s 4th /under grade.  It is the grade of this academic 11-12 year,  (what grade was she in on Feb 16th this year).

** Teams will be chosen by the coaching staff and rosters may change between the qualifying and the final JO teams.

RSVP by clicking here