16 National Workout

Thanks to all the athletes who came to the 16-National tryouts. Everyone did a great job and the coaches enjoyed watching you compete.

The following will be the 16-National group beginning tomorrow (6:15-8:30 at Stanford).
Acker, Anderson, Denney, Edgington, Flamen, Heilman, Keifer, Malysz, McCracken, Moore, Moran, Rosenthal, Steuwe, Strutner, van Hulsen, Williams, Wong, Yu, Zakula

The Area and National coaches will continue to evaluate players every day to determine tournament teams including JO Qualifying rosters. If moves between groups are necessary, coaches will make that decision and changes will take effect on June 11.

Summer schedule starts tomorrow.
Area Team 5:30-7:45 at Palo Alto HS
National Team 6:15-8:30 at Stanford