Summer 2022 Session

Workouts begin the week of May 16th.
Our summer will consist of workouts for 7-18 year old girls.  Age groups are typically based on grade in school this academic year (‘21-‘22).

If you are new to the club and in 8th grade and below there are no tryouts.  Register below.  For questions contact Bernice O’COnnor at
Tryouts for High School groups are Sun, May 15, 1-4 pm at Stanford.
You must be registered for the summer to participate in the tryout.

If you are in 9-10th grade –  If you are new to the club you should contact head coach Jessie Cima at for more info and tryouts.
If you are in 11th/12th grade and would be an 18s for the summer you need to contact head coach Allison Larko ( to discuss tryouts.

More information, workout times, dues & registration is here.  Information reg info.
Click Here to register

For the USA Water Polo Junior Olympics we plan on having the following teams compete for a spot:
10/unders – at least 1 team
12’s  (5-6th graders)- 2 teams, assuming numbers dictate
14’s (7-8th graders) – 2 teams, assuming numbers dictate
16’s (9-10th graders) – 1-2 teams, based on numbers
18s (11-12th graders)  – 1 team only