2017 Spring Session for 8th grade/under. Age Group & Jr Polo

Spring polo will begin Monday, Feb 27th.
Information regarding tournament details, registration info, workout times, and more can be found below.

Information & Schedule Spring 2017
Registration Form – Spring 2017

To Register please complete the following 4 steps:
STEP 1) If your daughter is new to the club AND in Age Group she must order and bring her water polo caps to workout.  If she is returning and lost hers, she needs to re-order.
CLICK HERE   to order your caps.
Be sure you go to link above to order your personalized water polo caps for workouts.  (those who already have Stanford water polo caps skip to #2). Jr Polo players do not need to order caps, we have some for workout.  (There is a one time $82 cost for these caps and you will pay below under Step #3A).

STEP 2) Be sure you are a current member of USA Water Polo for 2017 and do the 1-time age verification (if you haven’t already).
Be sure you put Stanford Water Polo as your club.  Athletes must be a member of USAWP to practice and compete.
Age Verification link (a one time issue)

STEP 3) Pay using PayPal.      (Step 3A to order workout caps & Step 3B for Dues)
3A – Pay for Water Polo Caps

Water Polo Caps- Spring 2017
Athlete(s) Name

3B – Pay for Winter dues

Spring 2017 Dues
Athlete Name(s)

STEP 4)  Complete, scan and email Registration form to susan@stanfordwaterpolo.com
You must complete all 4 steps to register.  Once you have all 4 steps completed your daughter will be signed up.  You will not get a confirmation unless there is a problem with your registration.

Contact our Director of Age Group, Bernice O’Connor at bernice@stanfordwaterpolo.com

We will see you Monday, Feb 27th.