JO Results on Twitter

As the 7 Stanford teams head to Orange County for the Junior Olympics, you can follow the game results on Twitter.

Sign up for Twitter
If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, it’s easy to set one up. Just follow these instructions from Twitter. If you want to learn more about how Twitter works, check out their Welcome to Twitter series.

Follow Stanford Girls WP
The Stanford Girls WP Club official tweets are on @stanfordgirlswp. Stanford coaches will be updating this account with game results throughout the tournament.

Follow JO Results
The Junior Olympics have created separate Twitter accounts for each of the age groups and Championship vs Classic divisions. Check out the NJO on Twitter page for all the details, and follow the age group(s) you’re interested in. Remember these accounts will have results for all games in that age group. You can click on some of the boys’ Twitter accounts to get an idea of how they are being used.

Twitter on Mobile
See Twitter’s site for more details on the mobile Twitter apps. If you want to receive a text message whenever the Stanford WP account has an update, you can enable mobile notifications. (If you have any problems setting this up, you can email for help.)

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